Communicore East and West Home Video – 1980s

With the release of last weeks podcast episode (Ep 38 Communicore East) we figured it was as good a time as any to dig up some of Todd’s Communicore West footage from 1986. As we were about to do that we got an email from the Dworsky Family of Texas stating that they had Communicore East footage from 1989. We put the two together in the following video that will take you back when touch screens were in their infancy.

The video opens up in 1986 with some wonderful shots of the green area between East and West. From there we head over to Futurecom where we see the Information Fountain and the Age of Information (Einsel Theater). Todd’s mom and brother take a spin at Phraser and his brother then plays the face scramble game. Heading into East we spend our time at the Energy Exchange with the touch screen games.

If you or anyone you know has footage of Communicore please email us at


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