Video: Universe of Energy Preshow (1991)

The original Universe of Energy Preshow featured a unique presentation with a screen made up of rotating tiles. This huge mosaic changed each tile in sync with the projection being shown and was invented by Czech film director Emil Radok. The 8 minute show educated guests about the various forms…

Restored home movie: Imagineering Lab at Epcot

The Walt Disney Imagineering Labs was an exhibit in Inventions at Epcot. The brief live show showed guests how 3D computer animation was created, with a focus on a virtual reality experience featuring Aladdin. “DisneyVision” was a state of the art virtual reality technology that would eventually lead to the…

Restored Video: Bird and the Robot

This show was featured in Transcenter, the post show for the GM-sponsored World of Motion attraction in Epcot Center. Hosted by a wise-cracking animatronic bird and his robot arm friend, “Tiger”, the show educated guests about the use of robotics in the vehicle manufacturing process.

Video: Follow Us to Walt Disney World

This promotional video, produced in 1984, gives viewers a tour of the Magic Kingdom and the then-brand new Epcot Center. This video has some great aerial shots of EPCOT, as well as plenty of action from inside CommuniCore and other original EPCOT attractions. SMRT-1, Dreamfinder, and many other fan favorite…

Restored Video: SpectroMagic – June 1992

And now, the Magic Kingdom proudly presents, in a million points of musical light, the magic worlds of Disney…in SpectroMagic! The beloved SpectroMagic night time parade replaced the Main Street Electrical parade as part of Walt Disney World’s 20th anniversary celebration, and ran until 2010.