“In 1981 an Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 left a trail of dirty exhaust as it climbed skyward over Newark NJ…we were on our way, and I had no idea that that my first airplane ride, let alone first trip to Walt Disney World would open a door of memories and opportunities that continue with me to this day.” Read how this trip became this site in more detail…

So that article is the back-story of my enjoyment of Disney World…a family trip to WDW back in the early 80s. But why create this site, and what are we all about anyway? Well the answer is simple, if you can identify and feel good about the following few tidbits, then you’ll know where we are coming from:

  • Polynesian Wave Machine
  • EPCOT Center
  • The Whatchamacallit
  • “If we can dream it, then we can do it.. yes we can, yes we can”
  • Sea Base Alpha
  • “Let’s make believe, we’re a tiny seed”
  • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • “Kelp… Seaweed …Kelp”
  • Orange Bird
  • “I am the Dreamfinder!”

Over the past few years there has a been a resurgence in the interest in retro and vintage Disney World. There are many blogs and discussions around the internet that are exploring the history, back-stories, mysteries and joy that many of us felt so many years ago. I read these blogs and I salute and give a hearty thank you to all those authors out there…The more I read, the more I realized that the blogs were only the tip of the iceberg. There were threads sharing photos of times gone by and people discussing now defunct attractions. I saw one major problem, all this information is nestled amongst news of DVC construction and the latest Next-Gen Fast Pass… If anyone was to try to find something they’d be searching for years…The design of this website is a bit different than most out there, it takes its cue from the growing social trend an has its roots in software that create a community based website. Most websites rely on discussion forums and news feeds for content. While we have forums, this site will put more emphasis on our users posting memories, photos, home movies & videos, all of which are displayed on the front page. This is not a one person show, its for all of us…

Some may ask why are we only focusing on pre-opening to 1990? That’s a great question and there are a few reasons. For one, anything in that twenty-some year span are now distant memories in our minds. Re-kindling those older thoughts will bring back a more prominent feeling of the way it used to be. Besides, the fashion and decor alone from this time period warrants a few hours of discussion! On another note, Disney has finally taken notice that retro is in high demand. Just last year we saw the Peoplemover name return and a short time ago a little bird flew back into Adventureland…Orange Bird had returned.

So the question remains, why is retro/vintage Walt Disney World becoming popular? I think I have the answer and I have experienced it first hand…That first visit in 1980 and subsequent trips gave my parents and grandparents great joy in watching me and my siblings experience the magic. We were the first generation to experience Walt Disney World first hand. And now, 40 years after it all started, we are returning and watching our own children have a first time encounter with Mickey. My son provided me with that inspiration as I walked through the parks with him, I realized that change is what a generation is about, but Walt Disney World, although changed over time, has kept a constant level of magic in our lives. Yet we always want to be a child again and relive those memories of the past.

So, to quote Walt Disney himself, …I felt that there should be something built, some kind of family park website”…and thus, our journey back in time begins…