1975 Super8 Magic Kingdom America on Parade – Restored in HD – Home Movie

This is #4 in our series of restored home movies. From July 20, 1975 comes the Magic Kingdom Parade – Spirit of America. This was shot in Frontierland and shows that the parade was going opposite the normal parade route for that day. Not sure how often that was done… We are having this film scanned and will be updating it with a cleaner restoration once that is complete. The color on this film was pretty bad, it took a lot effort to get it where it is today. Enjoy!


The conversion and restoration process started with the original Super8 film being scanned in at a 1920×1080 resolution by Pixcel.com. I then applied a number of filters to remove grain, stabilize, sharpen and improve the color. From there I up-converted the film from its original 18 frames per second to 30, thus reducing the flicker and jerky motion. 

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What a beautiful restoration! In 1975 I was working I was working in the Emporium on Main Street. The ‘doll’ characters in the parade also worked in other areas to make up their 8 hr shift. I remember a young lady named Kay who was one of those parade characters.

Kris Banas

Thank you for this! I was there in March of ’76 on my senior class trip from an Indiana high school. This is such a wonderful memory!!

John McCluskey
John McCluskey

The float where they are depicted dunking the witch seems highly inappropriate and really creepy when you realize what it represents. Mass murder of women by puritan zealots. Long live liberty!