Home Video: Disney MGM Studios from August 1989

If you’ve listened to podcast Episode 10 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: “Hooray for Floridawood” you may be wondering where some of the attraction sound bites originated from. Todd has just shared nearly 40 minutes of footage from his trip in August 1989 that was used for parts of the podcast. The video starts out at 6:30am, the sun is just coming up for a very early 7am opening.

Apparently back then The Great Movie Ride was the place to go first thing in the morning! Then we are off to the Backstage Studio Tour, which takes up nearly half of the video! From there we watch a good portion of the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular which has not changed over the years but this particular day the trap door in the final scene was working. Some quick footage of Star Tours under construction is followed by the Dip Mobile, NY Street, shots around the park, night shots, The Roger Rabbit/Acme Cartoon area and some more final shots around the park.

Its amazing to watch what has and what hasn’t changed over the years. Of course the park is going to go under a massive change in the next handful of years so most of what you see here,if it isn’t gone already will be added to the history of WDW.


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