EPCOT Film Tour

Many EPCOT Center attractions featured original films. This week, we are pleased to share a few of these from around the park!

The main attraction in the Canadian World Showcase Pavilion is the Circle-Vision theater. The film “O Canada” was a 360 degree tour of Canada and its history. Our recording is of the “front” screen as seen in 1992.


Headed back into Future World, a film called “Symbiosis” played in the Harvest Theater. This documentary explored the relationship between humankind and the Earth.

The pre-show area is also well known for its unique wall carpet mural, which can be seen in this video of the pre-show area.

The movie itself was shot on 70mm film; our recording of the presentation is from the early 1990’s


Finally, we make our way over to the Wonders of Life Pavilion for a film called “The Making of Me”. Martin Short stars in this lighthearted look at human relationships and reproduction.

Thanks for stopping by our EPCOT film tour! Next week, we have a number of home videos from around the Seven Seas Lagoon, check out our site or YouTube channel for updates.

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