What if the Maelstrom soundtrack was “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure?

Tonight, I again took a good look at the Norway grand opening celebration hosted by Willard Scott from 1988. The guy clearly had about 8 jars of Smuckers before they shot this; he’s on a sugar high that rubs off into the other actors like a bad cologne. What surprised me comes at the 5:51 mark where the adventure of Maelstrom begins. Do we hear “You are not the first to pass this way…” followed by the Norwegian cyclops god Odin? Nope, it is Just like Heaven” by the Cure! It did reach 40 on the Billboard charts that year, so why not rock the grand opening in a music video style. If you listen carefully you can hear two people call the trolls “goblins”. Um no, this is Norway. The rest of this feast for the eyes is disaster of editing as a good portion of the ride is shown in the wrong order. And don’t forget the buckets of water thrown on the guests to make this “thrill ride” [no joke, that is what they called it] more appealing to the viewers.

How would have this attraction turned out if this was indeed the soundtrack to Maelstrom? Somehow, I can imagine the rays of light emanating from Rob Smith’s head [see photo above], he kind of resembles Odin in that shot.

See and hear for yourself how the Cure infiltrated Maelstrom at the 5:55 mark

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