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We interrupt your normal podcast, for a special edition of the podcast. This episode is filled with lots of news, updates and tour info; so here we go!

    • Our Lake & Lagoon Tour: Discovery Edition is getting closer and closer each day. We have less than one month to go and we are so pumped for this. The old Animal Pool and BeachKingdom boats are being fueled up and float tested as we speak, just for you! Right now, we only have a handful of tickets left, so if you want to join us, click here!
    • How has some news about construction on Bay Lake, which means this tour could be your last chance to get an up close look at River Country. This is new and could be one of your last chances…
    • The gift for our upcoming event is in production and looking amazing. Our tour members will receive a special limited edition version!
    • Join us! We will be at The Outer Rim, Saturday, November 17th from 4:30pm-6:00pm. This is open to anybody who would like to chat, enjoy a drink from the bar and just relax after a fun day.
    • The Walking Tour is back! Join us for another free event, Sunday November 18th – 11:30am. We will be at the main entrance fountain, right in front of Spaceship Earth. This tour will include the former WorldKey site, the news ticker, flamingos, Horizons and so much more. We did this last year and had tons of fun, so we hope you can join us for this bonus event.
    • Contest – We have a contest coming right around the weekend of November 17th. Please check our social media and website for more information regarding this…
    • Finally, we wanted to tell you about something new. The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society. This has been in the works for over a year, and we wanted to create something to preserve the history we are sharing with you. Brian & Todd explain everything regarding this new initiative, which we are super excited for you to join us on.
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