Preview of the Opening Theme Music for our new podcast! Thanks to @EpcotLegacy !!

First and foremost, a hearty thank you to Joshua Harris of for putting together our opening theme music and to Andre Gardner for his voice over talent!

Our opening theme “departs” at the dawn of the Magic Kingdom and brings you right up to EPCOT Center. There are a few hidden gems in this music, can you guess where they all came from and why they are there?  Write us at if you think you know!

Remember our Preview Episode will be released on November 12th!!

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B.J. Major
March 6, 2021 2:53 am

Music was taken from “The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World” tv special with Bob Hope, Jonathan Winters, Glen Campbell, etc. Your opening theme music also includes EPCOT Center opening day ceremonies music (which event I attended in person). Pete Reneday and Jack Wagner provide the famous voice-overs heard (the Eastern Airlines flight 19 spiel and the monorail spiel, respectively).

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