Kitchen Kabaret: Revisited – HD Interpolated Multi-Camera Edit

We are excited to present Kitchen Kabaret Revisited! This interpolated HD multi-camera edit video revisits the classic EPCOT Center show that was part of the Land Pavilion. Sponsored by Kraft Foods, this fan-favorite audio animatronic musical show ran from EPCOT’s opening day until 1994.

Hosted by Bonnie Appetite, the show featured acts such as the Cereal Sisters, Hamm & Eggz, and Colander Combo and the Fiesta Fruit. The show was designed to promote healthy eating and teach the four food groups.


Wide Angle Lens Version
If you are interested in watching the full show recorded on a tripod with a wide angle lens, we’ve got that for you too! This really shows off how the show was presented but the details are lost in this video.

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David McCormick
David McCormick
September 7, 2020 11:04 am

Great, great videos. I know that 10 year refurbishment rule seemed like a good idea to Disney when they opened Epcot but it crushed Future World – and the replacement of Kitchen Kabaret is near the top of the list.

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