Adventurers Club Walk-Around: May 28, 1992

The Adventurers Club was a special place for many WDW fans. The combination of a night out, adventure, theater and fun all connected to make a very unique experience. As we have seen over the years, it is probably one of the most missed places from Pleasure Island since the closing. We have seen tributes over the years and throwback drinks, but nothing will take you back like a video.
The video we have here is from May 28 1992, with the club being about three years old. We take you around the facility giving you some interaction and also some small aspects of the show. This particular video was shot on an 8mm video camera.

Be sure to check back soon for a second addition to our Adventurers Club video archive. We have some more footage shot later in 1992 to release.  Enjoy!

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