A Day the Magic Kingdom – 1991 AI Enhanced VHS

With the parks closed for the next few weeks, we figured we’d give you a virtual tour via the early 1990s videos, “A Day at The Magic Kingdom”. We used some of the techniques we learned while enhancing Horizons: Revisited on this video, including an all-new deinterlacing process and we’ve used AI to upscale the video to 720 lines.

A Day at the Magic Kingdom – 1991 with MSEP – AI Enhanced

A Day at the Magic Kingdom – 1991 with Spectromagic – AI Enhanced

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April 29, 2020 1:00 pm

Thank you so much for cleaning this video up! I saw it on YouTube a few years back and spotted my family at 9:56!! Guy in the pink is my dad, my mom is next to him and he’s holding me! So cool to see it so much clearer!!!!

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