Horizons: Revisited 3D Announcement & what you will need to experience!

What happens when you have a fully restored tripod-mounted recording of Horizons? You turn it into a 3D video! Now you are probably thinking, how can you possibly have a 3D video when there was only one camera?  On March 25 2020, at 9pm Eastern we’ll let you ride this attraction like never before and let you in on the details on how we pulled off this amazing one-of-a-kind experience.


This production will be compatible with Anaglyph (Red/Blue) Glasses, 3D Headsets, and 3D compatible televisions. We will be providing 3 different YouTube links so you can choose the one that works the best for your device. Each video will have a full explanation of how to enjoy Horizons: Revisited in 3D!

Q: What will I need to watch?
A: Red/Blue glasses, a VR headset or similar, or a 3D compatible television. Use our handy shopping guide at the bottom of the article to find out which is best for you!

Q: Will it be virtual reality?
A: Unfortunately no, a flat video does not have enough information to allow you to move your head and see what is left/right of you. We’re lucky to be able to get this far with the video!

Q: Can I use Disney Theme Park 3D glasses to view the video?
A: No. Disney Theme Parks use polarized 3D glasses; this will be incompatible with your phone, computer or TV.

Q: Is this real 3D or some computer interpretation?
A: Without going into details, it is not a computer interpretation. Is it perfect? No, but it is about 95% what you could do with 2 cameras. With frame by frame editing, it could be “perfect” but we don’t have that capability or expertise. So if someone wants to take up the challenge, let us know! We will explain more when it is released.

Q: What is the best way to watch?
A: While most may think a TV is the best, it is certainly the most convenient and can provide a very large viewing experience. In our tests, the most immersive was a VR headset (marked as “Best” below). Televisions, because of the way 3D is encoded will only be able to experience half of the horizontal resolution that

Q: Do I need to install the Google Cardboard App?
A: No it is not needed, to watch you will use a specific YouTube link full screen on your phone. This will provide the most immersive experience.

Q: You mention Google Cardboard, I have an iPhone can I still watch?
A: Absolutely! Google Cardboard is really two things, an app for watching full virtual reality games and videos and it has become synonymous with inexpensive VR headsets because, surprise, they are made out of cardboard! Either of the two options below should work, there are many other options on Amazon so make sure it fits your phone.

Q: Will I feel dizzy?
A: With any 3D movie you may have a bit of eye strain after watching. When watching on a phone/VR headset you may feel a bit of motion during the DNA Omnimax scene and the finales! It takes you right back to the original attraction!

Q: Ok I’m sold, prove it to me that it works!
A: You may recall “Magic Eye” photos where if you cross your eyes you can see a 3D image, same concept here if you’d like to try on the two images below.

3D Viewer Buying Guide

Please be sure to select Lake Buena Vista Historical Society as your charity of choice when checking out with Amazon Smile!

Note: Due to COVID-19 Amazon and other retailers are prioritizing basic need shipments over non-essential goods. We ask that if you do not have the necessary equipment to watch this video, please defer your orders until a more suitable time. We’d prefer that those in need receive their important supplies. Thank You.

Your Eyes

+ Inexpensive
+ Works if you can see “Magic Eye” 3D art

– Eye Strain




+ Inexpensive
+ Great for a viewing party!

– Lack of proper color



Buy from Amazon:

10 Pairs of paper glasses


+ Inexpensive
+ Reusable

– Lack of Proper Color
– Google Cardboard similar price


Buy from Amazon:
1 pair plastic glasses


+ Full Color
+ Highest Resolution Experience
+ Great for a viewing party!
+ iPhone or Android

– May not fit some phones
– Possible light leak
– Not durable


Buy from Amazon:
Carboard 3D Viewer


+ Full Color
+ Highest Resolution Experience
+ Darkened experience
+ Reusable
+ iPhone or Android

– May not fit some phones


Buy from Amazon:
3D Viewer

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