The Magic of Walt Disney World – Restored 16mm Film in HD for the first time ever!

There is so much to say about this film that we made it the main topic of Podcast Episode 13 and @MKPony wrote an entire article annotating all the special views and historical aspects of the film. What you are about to watch is the cleanest most pristine copy available anywhere. You will see things you never noticed before, you will laugh, you will feel nostalgic and you will yearn to go back to 1972.

Sit back, relax and take one of the most fantastic journeys to Walt Disney World ever produced…


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B.J. Major

Disclaimer: I have a very long history with this film as I showed it to a church group (and then again, to my family) who was planning a trip there in May 1976. I’ve always wanted to own a personal copy of it because it simply is the BEST video ever produced about the Vacation Kingdom of the World. The restoration you’ve had done is wonderful and really does bring a level of detail to the film that I have not seen in a very, very long time. I truly am seeing items I never noticed before, all throughout the… Read more »


This is so, so good. What a treasure. A delightful, cheesy, authentic treasure.


Thank you so much for this! A wonderful job!! We were there a few years later so I’m guessing not too much changed. Just great to see the park as it would have been when we went. Wish I remembered more but this is the next best thing! Especially fun to see the interior of the Contemporary and the Electric Light Pageant!! Fantastic!!