The Griswolds Christmas Vacation to WDW – 1974 & 1975 Home Movie

For RetroWDW’s first-ever Home Movie Night we premiered a pair of home movies from one family. From the metallic pea family truckster to a nuclear family of mom, dad, brother and sister they quickly adopted the nickname of the Griswolds. The two films highlight their road trip to Florida and subsequently chronicling their tour of WDW. Apparently so enamored by their visit in ’74, they made the return journey a year later. Keep an eye out for Dad and his ever-present pipe, mom’s extremely loud carry-all bag, and the kids’ wardrobe. Rusty’s belt and collar is one to watch for and sis’s yellow sweater can be spotted miles away.

All kidding aside, the film plays and feels very slow – not because we changed the frame rate but because no one seems to be in a hurry to get to make a fast pass time, dining reservation or another park. For 1974 we stay inside the Magic Kingdom for the duration of the film – a ride on the skyway takes us into Frontierland where we ride the Mike Fink Keelboats. In 75 we get a fantastic tour of the Contemporary including Dad and Rusty out on the Aqualarks before heading to the Magick Kingdom.

You can watch these 2 films with our color commentary from Movie Night, or individually with an added musical soundtrack.

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