Followers Choice – Magic Kingdom 1971 – Restored 8mm Home Movie

We put it to a vote, and our followers chose this film for our next.

We grabbed this film off of eBay – most of the time we have no idea what we are getting. There are a few gems in this one!

This film is from 1971 and by the looks of it, we feel this is very close to opening day. We open with a very rare shot of the original trams and a very odd looking vehicle. The trams take us right from the parking lot to the Magic Kingdom – now that’s service! Standard Jungle cruise footage – notice how clean the water is and how little vegetation.

Amazing pan of the Aventureland Bazaar taking us right to the Tiki Birds. Rivers of America and then over to Fantasyland! We board the Skyway in Tomorrowland and watch the roofless teacups go by as we glance down on Fantasyland. We settle back into Fantasyland and meet some of the Aristocats.

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