Contemporary Resort – 1970s Shag and Flair – Restored Home Movie HD

Ahead of our podcast episode devoted to the Contemporary Resort ( we bring you three restored home movies of the A-frame building bundled ito one 9 minute package!

The first of the three is a silent 8mm film and we were impressed at the filming locations and the steadiness of the camera. There are many shots of the monorail gliding in and out of the resort – almost to the point of ad nauseam; fortunately we soon move inside and are treated to the area that has now become Chef Mickey’s. Look at the lights! Look at the Orange Juice dispenser on the buffet table! Then, surprise, more monorails again! This time taken from the balcony off to the side of the resort – I must admit the shots obtained from this perspective are very unique, especially at the 2:18 mark – what a unique vantage point! Out to the concentric circle pool we go – this time more monorails and some nice exterior shots before monorail glides away from inside the hotel.

Our second film is also silent 8mm and comes in at 3:45 and is very short but features a long shot from a boat on the way over from Ft. Wilderness. Then Bob-A-Round boats at 4:14 !! Finally we end with some wing shots and the pool area.

The third film is Super8 with sound, although what sound was recorded is really just the din of the cavernous interior of the resort. We start off with a slow pan of Bay Lake. Another monorail pulls in, get a load of the carpet color and design – now that would be a great cell phone cover case! Interior shots of the Grand Canyon Concourse continue, and then the party begins at the top floor of the resort looking down. The pan shot that ends this film really shows how the north side of the concourse was laid out.

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December 9, 2014 5:53 pm

These old films are great. There are so many little details. Did anyone spot Space Mountain under construction (around 3:50)? I look forward to the discussion on the next podcast.

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