A visit to Walt Disney World – Restored Home Movie HD from 1974

Title screens were the purview of real film enthusiasts and our cinematographer sets the stage by showing us the Winter/Spring 1974 WDW guide map. This is really unique because it chronicles all facets of the arrival and entrance to Walt Disney World property and the Magic Kingdom.

On the open road headed to the Disney World exit and then approaching the parking plaza. Our driver is seen paying his fee and collecting his guide for his Walt Disney World adventure.

The orange parking trams (the ones that actually worked and didn’t overheat) squire our guests to the Transportation & Ticket Center. This journey is familiar to many of you but the surroundings all look different. I love that on the tram ride you can see another member of this party setting up and taking his own movie footage.

Monorail Gold glides in to carry us to the Magic Kingdom, past the garden of topiaries that used to camp out on the lawn that is now the Magic Kingdom’s bus loop station.

The hub, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Jungle Cruise (with one of it’s old entrances) are visited before we see the area outside of Pirates of the Caribbean and then the start of a lengthy daytime parade featuring some characters that are rare or unheard of today, especially Herbie the Love Bug with eyes who opens his mouth. Thankfully this Herbie has been permanently retired (we hope).

After the parade we view the Richard F. Irvine and some canoes carrying passengers along the Rivers of America before boarding the Skyway for a twilight ride as the sun sets on a fun filled 1974 day in Walt Disney World.


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