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In closets, basements and attics around the world lie hide hidden gems…grainy, off color footage of days gone by, closed attractions and worlds some of us never got to see. RetroDisneyWorld presents its all new ImageWorks Film Restoration Lab – taking the films of yesteryear and restoring them for today’s viewing.

While we will be working mainly on our own personal films and videos at first, we will expand out to offer this [free, for now] service to our readers. Our goal is to bring back the moving image history of the grandest and most memorable times for Walt Disney World…1971 to 1989.


Use the links below to read more about our process and see our restoration results.

Our Restoration Process – Learn how we take film and video and restore it to pristine condition

Comparisons – See what our films looks like before and after restoration

Place an Order – Ready to have your films transferred? 10% off your transfer and FREE restoration!

Blog – Find out the latest status of our projects, read up on our techniques and more

ImageWorks – Restored Films – List of completed films/videos

FAQ – Here to answer your questions

Contact Us – Questions? Comments?


A bit of History

You know your father majored in cinematography you grew up in a household surrounded by personal movie equipment. Holiday’s were punctuated by a screamingly bright light; illuminating the pumpkins, chocolate bunnies and stuffed stockings that adorned the festive occasions. 3 minutes is all you were able to capture on a single 50′ foot reel. The 3,240 frames took a few weeks to be developed and returned via a box from Kodak. If that wasn’t enough, convincing your parents to setup a screen, movie projector, splicing unit (the film now and then broke mid-way through viewing), find what to watch and turn off the lights became a ritual in itself. But oh the memories.. The heat coming off of the projector, the clicking noise and some fresh popcorn.

For the past 30-40 years these films have moved from location to location; stowed away..until now. My father and I have embarked on a mission to restore our home movies. Hidden amongst the nearly 10,000 feet are trips to WDW in 1972, 1975 and 1981. These will be some of the first that we will restore…Its like Christmas all over again!

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