We return to WDWFanBoys podcast this week, to talk about our ’71 film

We are back with the WDWFanBoys podcast this week. We open discussing Robin Williams and his career and associations with Disney and then move on to a virtual “play by play” of the 1971 home movie we recently restored. As we step through the film Brett and I find some very interesting relics of days gone by and glimmers of the future, well, as the future of WDW was seen over 40 years agol

Suggested to follow along in the video on this page so you can reference exactly what we are referring to: https://www.retrodisneyworld.com/retrodisneyworld/imageworks-film-restoration-blog/a-pristine-magic-kingdom-from-nov-71-restored-home-movie-footage

Podcast is here: http://www.wdwfanboys.com/wdw-fanboys-podcast-episode-221-8172014-tribute-to-robin-williamsgoing-retro-again/


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