ImageWorks Update – WDW Home Movie Film restoration

We’ve broken out our original article into an all new section of… The restoration of old home movie film and video is starting to gain interest. Here is where we stand and what we plan to do next.

  • First 8mm movie transfers are complete – They are enroute back from the lab, scanned at HD 1080p. Final display resolution is yet to be determined, but it will be higher than anything you’ve seen before.
  • The first set of transfers will be personal home movies taken by my own family
  • Teaser clips and stills will be released Thursday evening.
  • We are working with a film transfer lab to extend special pricing to ImageWorks readers. Stay tuned!
  • Once the first personal movie restorations are complete, we will begin accepting your video/film for restoration. You can Contact Us ahead of time to get your name on the list.
  • New menu – both at the top and left side of the ImageWorks pages
    • Main page – Start here!
    • ImageWorks Blog – we’ll post updates on our progress in the blog section as well as on the home page.
    • Our Restoration Process – Learn how we take filim and video and restore it to pristine condition
    • Comparisons – See what our films looks like before and after restoration
    • Current Projects – What we are currently working on
    • Completed Projects – List of completed films/videos
    • FAQ – Here to answer your questions
    • Contact Us – Do you have a video or film you want restored? Contact us now and get your name on the list.
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