Videos from Pleasure Island

To go along with our recent series of podcasts about Pleasure Island, here are several home videos from our collection. The first, from Christmas Eve 1992, features a look at some of the outdoor entertainment and activities including a velcro wall and a human gyroscope. There is also footage of a number of dance performances and a Billy Joel cover band.

Also shot the same evening is this tour of Mannequins Dance Palace.

And finally, a look at The Cage, which featured music videos playing on monitors located throughout the club

To learn more about Pleasure Island, be sure to listen to our 3-part podcast series covering the history and attractions in this unique “island” in Walt Disney World. Part I, Part II, and Part III are all now available in our podcast feed and here on our website.

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Tony S
Tony S
September 9, 2021 4:15 pm

You can tell it is winter in Florida. A lot of people are wearing their best stone/acid washed jeans. People from the colder climates are wearing shorts.

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