Video tour of the Magic Kingdom and Mickey’s Starland

Our first video today is a leisurely stroll through the Magic Kingdom in 1993. Starting on Main Street USA, the video continues through Adventureland, then Frontierland and Liberty Square. There is a brief detour through the Haunted Mansion exit as well as the Columbia Harbor House. In Fantasyland, the video captures the Skyway running, as well as the queues for 20k Leagues under the Sea as well as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. The tour wraps up in front of Delta Dreamflight in Tomorrowland.


Next, we hop onboard The Walt Disney World Railroad for a trip from Main Street USA to Mickey’s Starland!

In Starland, our next video is a tour of the home of Mickey Mouse


Mickey’s Starland featured a live-action show with Disney characters from the popular Disney Afternoon programming block. The show evolved over the years.

In 1990, the show was known as Mickey’s Magical TV World


By 1993, the show had been updated and was hosted by a computerized “Master Rapper” named D.U.D.E


Finally, here is the 1994 version of the show.



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