Video: Michael Eisner on Larry King (1993)

Legendary talk show host Larry King passed away earlier today at age 87. Among the huge collection of his interviews is this 1993 interview with then-Disney CEO Michael Eisner. We are pleased to present this restored video as a tribute to Mr. King.

Larry and Michael discuss the upcoming American Teacher Awards airing on the Disney channel and the importance of education. They go onto discuss the financial trouble at EuroDisney, and the company’s upcoming plans for Disney’s America park near Manassas, Virginia.

Callers from London and Copenhagen question Michael about locating EuroDisney in Paris, while callers from Orlando ask about the fate of Captain EO given allegations about Michael Jackson and the best way for front-line cast members to challenge untenable corporate policies.

This is a great video time capsule of Disney in the early 90’s and our viewers will be pleased to know the original commercials are included.

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