Restored home movie: EPCOT Center (November 1985)

Enjoy this wonderfully shot 9 minute tour of EPCOT Center from 1985. After taking a ride on the highway in the sky (note the Living Seas still under construction!), you’ll see some great shots of Future World, including unique footage of the leaping fountains outside the Imagination Pavilion. After a quick lunch in France, this film includes some fun views of performances from around World Showcase. There are also a number of scenes filmed from the 2nd level of the omnibus, offering an unusual vantage point of many of the pavilions!

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Shawn Knox
February 24, 2022 8:28 pm

Great video. One thing that really stood out as far as the fashions for the time was the larger number of midde-age and older men wearing leisure pants! I love the year 1985 but I am so glad that we much more into comfort these days. Dress pants at WDW, especially in the summer, would be so uncomfortable!

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