Restored film: Traveling to & Visiting Walt Disney World (early 1970’s)

This great film from the early days of Walt Disney World’s existence starts with the road trip from Georgia to Clearwater, Florida and then onto Orlando. Once in Walt Disney World, the film continues on the monorail through the Grand Canyon Concourse in the Contemporary Hotel before pulling into the station at the Magic Kingdom – note the great shot through an empty Tomorrowland because it hasn’t been built out yet!

The film includes a musical performance in Tomorrowland, featuring a stage that lowers down below the floor after the performance! Some shots from the Mickey Mouse Revue as well as from the Joe Fowler Riverboat show off a very young and new Magic Kingdom.

This film is silent, but if you’d like to listen to our live description and commentary about this film from our live movie night in March 2021, you can view that version here.

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