Restored 16mm film: Cloudy Day at the Magic Kingdom

Take a 7 minute silent tour of the Magic Kingdom. The film starts at the TTC where there appears to be a healthy wait for the monorail. Moving on to Main Street USA, of course and a horse-drawn streetcar ride. After some shots around the hub, the film moves to Adventureland and the Swiss Family Treehouse, followed by the Keel Boats making their way around the Rivers of America. In Fantasyland, there are some great shots of the Skyway and the “traffic” in Irvine Alley. The film wraps up with a ride above the park on the Skyway.

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June 23, 2021 9:28 pm

Must be in the early to mid 70’s as Big Thunder Mountain RR is nowhere to be seen. It opened in 1980 and took a few years to build so before 1978 is a safe bet.

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