Fort Wilderness Breakfast Show & Melvin Moose

Pioneer HallSo I learned something new today.  Back in the 80s, Fort Wilderness had a breakfast show.  What I find interesting is I stayed at the Fort forever, and I don’t recall seeing anything related to this whatsoever.  I must have walked by Pioneer Hall many, many times and just didn’t pay attention to the showbill signs posted.  Too focused on finding the lawnmower tree I suppose.

I’ve also heard that originally in Pioneer Hall, they used to have super fun learning sessions about nature and animals showcased in films and with guest speakers.  Who has footage or pictures of that going on? 

This whole breakfast show came to light for me when this eBay posting from Theme Park Connection circulated across my desk.  Melvin the Moose, the actual moose, is for sale!  Now for me, this doesn’t mean a whole lot because I’ve never seen him live.  This does happen to be a piece of Fort Wilderness history though and is also super cool, so this will be a fun one to keep an eye on the next couple days.

I also did some digging and found Melvin in action.  It doesn’t look as big in size on the auction page, but I did some analyzing and believe it is the real deal… Hope you enjoy!

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