Rare 1980s Publicity Video – Walt Disney World

This was a unique find. It was a ¾” U-Matic videotape of publicity footage prepared for media outlets by Walt Disney World. It had two audio tracks. The first was narrated and the second had just ambient noise captured in the footage. This was so the footage could be used either as a promotional piece or as B-Roll for media reports (nightly news, etc.)

This is a terrific overview of the entire WDW property in 198X. There’s on-ride footage of many attractions and lots of glimpses of “things that aren’t there anymore”.

Of particular note: Seating in the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, real gunfire on Jungle Cruise, the entrance spires to Tomorrowland, the Network Operations Center scene from Spaceship Earth, World of Motion and Transcenter, Horizons, Universe of Energy (note the splashing water in the “snake” scene and the flowing lava we spoke about on our Universe of Energy episode), Kitchen Kabaret, Journey into Imagination, Imageworks, Magic Journeys, Communicore, EPCOT Computer Central, Electronic Forum, FutureChoice Theater, Mimes in France, and a glimpse of the original Mexican boat ride El Rio Del Tiempo.

There is terrific footage of the resorts including the Golf Resort, great footage of Fort Wilderness and River Country, Discovery island, Walt Disne World Village and the conference center. Hotel Plaza Boulevard and the Empress Lily are seen too.

The Contemporary, Top of the World supper club, the Polynesian Luau and Hoop De Doo Review are featured as well. A review of parades and entertainment offerings including fireworks are catalogued to close out the tape.

We were very excited to get our hands on this footage.

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Will Gaffey
Will Gaffey

This has to be either 1984 or 1985, given that Magic Journeys was still playing and hadn’t be replaced with Captain EO.

Geoff Gose
Geoff Gose

It’s pre-1984. There’s no Morocco.


wow…The Living Seas wasn’t even started being built yet


Thanks for sharing! The edits/cuts are so odd in it. Loved seeing the huge open space where Living Seas would be built.