Happy Canada Day via EPCOT Center ’85 Home Movie

CanadaIn honor of Canada Day we take a brief 1985 visit to the Canada pavilion in EPCOT Center. Amateur movie film is semi-rare by this point in favor of videotape and it is uncommon to find guest-shot park footage on film at this stage of the 1980’s.  

Our film opens with a very brief glimpse of the EPCOT Center parking plaza and then a pan of Future World from the bridge to World Showcase. The rest of the footage is of the Canada pavilion and even offers a glimpse of some of the theming inside the store – complete with an Indigenous mannequin which looks to be in a canoe on the second floor. The magnetic sound strip has degraded a bit but you do catch some of the background music in the pavilion and lots of waterfall sounds.

The terrace in this pavilion has always been a serene environment meant to  invoke the Canadian wilderness. This footage captures the area nicely. We finish with a glimpse of the original signage of the O Canada! Circlevision 360 film.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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