Restored videos: A Look Back at Nighttime Entertainment

After the sun goes down, Walt Disney World has a long history of night time entertainment.

Our first video this week is a press reel about the preparations for bicentennial fireworks displays with Bob Jani, VP of Entertainment for Walt Disney Productions.

Of course, aside from fireworks, Walt Disney World is well known for its parades. The Main Street Electrical Parade has had more final performances than most others, but here it is before closing in 1991.


Opening for the resort’s 20th anniversary was the beloved SpectroMagic parade. Our restored video is from February 1992.

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Mark Dunne
Mark Dunne
August 26, 2021 2:43 am

Absolutely fantastic show, IMO never beaten at WDW , wishes would be second, but spectromagic was truly a spectacular show , then get on the monorail home or to TTC , perfect end to the day

Jim Caserta
Jim Caserta
September 3, 2021 5:54 am

I have to laugh at the title ‘last Main Street electrical parade’. I thought maybe that was the last showing I went to, but then remembered that was in 2016. It was a great, fun pet of the Magic Kingdom & Disneyland that I’m glad I experienced one last time so recently.

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