Restored Home Movies: Yacht & Beach Club

Today we are pleased to share several videos from 1993 and 1994 at the Yacht & Beach Club resorts.

First up is this tour of the Beach Club, starting with some shots of Epcot followed by inside a guest room and the lobby of the resort. Keep an eye out for the Murphy Bed demonstration!

Next, also from 1993, is this walk around video of a very empty Stormalong Bay and outside walkways around the Yacht Club.

We continue our night time tour with this video of a walk between Epcot’s International Gateway and the Yacht Club.

Shot in 1994, here is the same walk during the daytime in reverse, going towards Epcot.

Finally, a video tour of the Yacht Club guest room and lobby area. Towards the end of this video is a shot across the water at the then-newly opened Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror – since this was before the Boardwalk Resort was constructed!

Thanks for joining us for our walk around the Yacht and Beach Club!

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