Restored films from Walt Disney World in 1971-1973

We are happy to share a group of videos from the first few years of operation at Walt Disney World.

Many of the films we receive contain some common shots – a parade, the jungle cruise, and usually some skyway footage. These are no exception but we’ll point out a few highlights along the way

In this film, we start in the car ride to the Contemporary with a nice shot of the monorail running alongside the road. There is a nice slow pan around town square when the Main Street Vehicles were out.


This film shot in 1973 also starts with the car ride to Walt Disney World and includes a quick shot of the tram running between the TTC and the Magic Kingdom. There is also a ride on the railroad, and a performance from the Fantasyland theater. There are also some great shots from the 7 Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake.


Here is a shorter film with a number of scenes with characters and a ride on the river boat


Lastly, this film includes shots from the balcony of a Contemporary room as well as a quick tour of the room itself!


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