More vacation home movies from 1987!

Today we are happy to share 2 more videos from our series of 1987 vacation home movies!

First up is this video containing shots from the Contemporary resort, including the room and Bay Lake. Our family then heads over to Fort Wilderness for a performance of the Hoop De Doo Review before heading over to the Magic Kingdom, which is still celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Several scenes from Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and It’s a Small World are included before finishing off the evening with the Main Street Electrical Parade.

This video also starts at the Contemporary for character breakfast before heading over to the Magic Kingdom via the monorail.

Starting in Tomorrowland, we cross the park via the Skyway before riding Big Thunder Mountain. Via train and monorail, our family heads over to the Polynesian Resort for a luau. Afterwards, there is some additional footage from inside the Magic Kingdom, including the Hall of Presidents.


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