More for EPCOT Center’s 40th Anniversary: Visit the Living Seas, See Barbie, Celebrate Oktoberfest, and a Tour of Innoventions

To continue the celebration of EPCOT Center’s 40th anniversary, we have several videos from our archives from throughout the park’s history.

First up is this complete tour of the Living Seas from 1992. One of the most immersive attractions of its time, the video includes the queue pre-show, “The Seas” film, and a ride on the hydrolators and Seacabs.

As part of a large sponsorship agreement with toy company Mattel, Barbie came to Epcot’s American Gardens theater in World Showcase in late 1993. The half hour show followed Barbie as she traveled around to different playsets all over the world, and ran for about a year and a half in front of the American Adventure pavilion. This is the version that played in late 1994.

Next, celebrate Oktoberfest with a 1994 performance from the Biergarten in the Germany pavilion.

And finally, here are 37 minutes of b-roll footage, starting with a helicopter view of EPCOT. The footage continues in and around the then-new Inventions exhibits from IBM, Sega, Disney’s Internet Zone, and others.

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