EPCOT Center 40th Anniversary

EPCOT Center is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. We are sharing three restored videos as a look back on the park when it opened! All three are press reels made available to television news stations.

First are a number of interviews with a number of Disney executives and staffers, including Card Walker, Dick Nunis, Bill Evans, John Hench, Randy Bright, Ward Kimball, Marty Sklar, Tony Baxter, and others, all talking about EPCOT and the development process.

Next is a collection of interior footage from opening day attractions. Spaceship Earth (with a working printing press scene!), dinosaurs from Universe of Energy, and the CenterCore finale from World of Motion are included in this video.

And finally, a narrated overview of EPCOT Center provided to the press, starting with a number of aerial views of the park, interspersed with interior views and descriptions of each of the attractions.

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