A video visit to CommuniCore

No visit to EPCOT Center was complete without a visit to the exhibits in CommuniCore!

Among the other futuristic technologies, computers with touch screens were used in exhibits in CommuniCore – these were not at all common place at the time. To make computers seem more approachable and friendly, there were a number of simple, touch based games throughout. The Manufactory was one such game to illustrate how computers could be used to control the manufacture of American Flags.


Here is another video of the same game, without narration and commentary.


Compute-A-Coaster was another touchscreen based attraction where guests designed their own roller coasters


Get Jet Set had visitors prepare a jet plane for departure


For guests who wanted a peek behind the scenes, the Backstage Magic show detailed how EPCOT Center was run by computer. The preshow was a video detailing the history of computers to date as well as the basics of computing.


As with any good attraction, there’s a gift shop. Centorium was the main shop in EPCOT Center and we have a brief video tour of it here to wrap up our visit.

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