The Good Old Days – 1972 Prices

One of my most recent acquisitions is this 1972 info brochure.  It is just a one pager, but full of neat information from many years ago.  I love the tagline “The Vacation Kingdom of The World” – I wish they would bring this back, but I wouldn’t cross my fingers on that.  The front focuses on the ticket pricing, or Adventure Ticket Books as they called them back then.  The high rollers could get an 11-Adventure Ticket Book which included transportation around WDW, admission to the Magic Kingdom, and admission to 11 attractions of your choice.  This cost a whopping $5.95 for an adult!  Makes me cringe when a current one day ticket is about $100, but I still think even today it is great value for money when you consider how much a football game or something like that costs.

The back is all about the hotels.  Rates for the Contemporary and Polynesian Villages range from $29-$44.  To me that is dirt cheap, but then again I can’t compare this to what I know now, as I wasn’t alive in 1972 and really can’t put the cost into perspective.  Fort Wilderness clocked in at $11 a night with a 7 night limit.  I love the fact that they put a PO Box address where you can mail in your reservations.  How far we have come with the upcoming Magic Bands and My Disney Experience App!  I have heard that some of these brochures mention the infamous Water Ski show, but I don’t see that on this one.  They do mention a night canoe trip… Anyone out there ever do that?

This is a great little brochure to take you back.  As simple as it seems, they still had tons to do like now and don’t forget – Walt Disney World is open daily from 9am – 7pm….

Click the images to view the full brochure


1972 WDW Info Card (Front)
1972 WDW Info (Front)
1972 WDW Info Card (Back)
1972 WDW Info (Back)
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