RetroWDW announces RetroMagic video release!

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, the Lake Buena Vista Historical Society hosted RetroMagic at Disney’s Contemporary Resort – After months of editing by our volunteers, we’re now happy to announce that we’ll be releasing videos of the day’s stories and never before seen photos and artifacts from Disney Legends, Imagineers, Cast Members, music and more! All videos will be released on their respective dates at 8pm Eastern via our YouTube Channel and our special RetroMagic Playlist.

RetroMagic Video Release Schedule

  • April 22 – Opening Credits and Welcome
  • April 24 – Shimmering, Glimmering: SpectroMagic & More – Disney Legend Ron Logan
  • April 26 – Building The Vacation Kingdom of the World – Disney Legends Bob Gurr and Tom Nabbe
  • April 28 – History In The Ballroom:  President Nixon in the Ballroom of the Americas and History of the Handwich
  • April 30 – Cute Stories: A Talk with Disney Legend Rolly Crump
  • May 2 – Finding The Dream – Original Dreamfinder Ron Schneider
  • May 4 – “Two Brothers” – Performance and Chat conducted by Tammy Tuckey with original vocalist Ali Olmo
  • May 6 – Get SMRT: Imagineering SMRT-1 & Other Wonders – Imagineer Jim Sarno
  • May 8 – Imagineering The Future – Imagineer Tom K. Morris
  • May 10 – Age of Einsel:  Granddaughter Lisa Bastoni performs “Bringing the World Closer to You”
  • May 12 – Circling The World On Film – Circlevision 360 Filmmaker Jeff Blyth
  • May 14 – Looking Back At Tomorrow – Reflections on Five Years, Gift Reveal & End Song



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scott jensen
April 21, 2020 9:01 am

AWESOME!!!! I have been waiting for this.

April 21, 2020 9:07 am

I have been waiting for this to be released since I was not able to go to the event. I sure hope I will not miss the next one!!!

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