High Resolution 1982 EPCOT Center Map – Free for download/printing!

Over the past few months we have been working closely with Jason at Deep Water Studios, he is our key 3D guru for our Retro Replicas project (for more on that, visit www.retro-replicas.net). When Progress City posted a photo of an 1982 EPCOT Center Map a few days ago, Jason followed the conversation and realized there is a demand for a high resolution and zoom-able version of the map. Jason quickly reached into his bag of tricks and in a few hours had re-created exactly what people are clamoring for.

Today we give to you his gift to the Retro Disney World community, the 1982 EPCOT Center map recreated in Hi-Resolution vector formats. Feel free to download and print for your own personal use.

Adobe Illustrator CS2
Adobe Illustrator v8
EPS Format

If you get a chance please tweet out a thank you to @jasondws He’s a great guy that loves all things Retro Disney World like we all do!


We’ve recreated the 1986-87 map as well now – see it here.

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