Roy’s Cabin from 1947 to 1973 – Watch it change over the years…

If you don’t know what Roy’s Cabin is, then you haven’t been listening to Todd, JT, How and Brian on the Retro Disney World Podcast! What started out as a comment by Brian has become a reoccurring point of laughter, mystery, history and research…and it gets a purposeful mention each episode. In “Camping Cabins and Coonskins” we dive deeper into the legend surrounding Roy’s Cabin…

To compliment this latest discussion, Todd was able to morph nearly 3 decades of aerial photograph to show the original location of the fishing lodge. The second image, from a Walt Disney World brochure, is the only known official acknowledgement of the cabin.

Be sure to listen to Episode #3 – Camping Cabins and Coonskins to learn more about Walt’s Cabin…and Roy’s Cabin..




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