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Fuddy Duddy Strikes BackWelcome to Episode 30 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: “Prime Time Specials Part I” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Corrections & Listener Mail

We start off discussing music from The Land; It seems to be all over the place and all flight based. Many songs are not connected to Disney and most have a connection to flight in some way.

Disney In Ohio writes us about the window above Casey’s with a Chinese Restaurant. How discusses the origins of these windows and what it all means. The Main Street windows all have a great story, which we will continue to discuss in future episodes.

The Land - The Good Turn Menu - Front CoverMark wrote us about a menu, which is from The Land. He sent us some scans which led us to discuss Key West Pizza. We also talk about broiled BBQ Shrimp, The Landwich, and the huge favorite, Fresh Dolphin… Interesting menu and a great trip down memory lane. Thanks Mark!

Bill wanted to know about the record breaking tomato plant. Todd explains all the details, facts and figures on this amazing plant.

For questions, comments and concerns, please write us – podcast@retrowdw.com.

Audio Rewind

Last month, the audio rewind was kinda tricky.. How created this one for us and we had some good guesses. The Mickey Mania Parade is the correct answer though.

The winner is James Bolen, winning a set of RetroWDW Pins and some great ephemera. Great job James!

If you think you know the answer to this months audio rewind puzzler, email us! podcast@retrowdw.com – This month the winner will get a GAF Guide to Walt Disney World. A super cool vintage park guide donated by our friend David Eppen.

All entries due 6/20/2017 and a random winner will be selected. Even if you don’t win, you will gain an entry into the Fall/Winter Prize Pot, being picked in December.

Prize Pot

This year, we are going to do a new and exciting prize giveaway. The RetroWDW Podcast will have two prize pots this year; one summer, one winter.

The first prize pot items are:

  • The Walt Disney at the World’s Fair Four CD Set
  • NEW Official Disneyland/WDW LP Record from 1981
  • A Surprise For Mickey Mouse Little Golden Book from 1971
  • All Aboard: The Wonderful World of Walt Disney’s Trains
  • and new this month, The WDW Pictorial Souvenir from 1977

This completes our first half prize pot, which is being given away this episode!

Our prize pot winner is Tammy Norman! Tammy wins everything above for the first half of the year prize pot.  Thank you everyone for playing, and congratulations Tammy!

All entries for the audio rewind go to winning the next prize pot.

Main Topic

The Contemporary Resort in the 1970sThis month, we discuss the multiple original WDW Primetime Specials that aired on TV.  We go through these in chronological order and Todd gets us going with the Magic Kingdom Grand Opening Special. 



The Magic Kingdom Grand Opening Special

This show aired on October 29, 1971 on NBC. The host was Julie Andrews and included a number of stars to round it all out. A great disco version of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is discussed as well as Bob Hope’s standup in the Contemporary.


The Opening of EPCOT Center

Brian hits us next with “The Opening of Epcot Center” – Danny Kaye is the main host of this special. This episode has tons of robots, Alan Shepard and even Drew Barrymore. Filled with great audio clips, you will get a great idea how this show goes. Brian lets us know that 50% of this show is Danny Kaye song/dance numbers with a little bit of stock EPCOT Center Footage. The ending of this show is one of the best parts to hear Brian describe, Danny Kaye is just an absolute mess!


The Disney-MGM Studios Grand Opening

JT brings us the two hour special on the Magical World of Disney, The Disney-MGM Studios Grand Opening. The cheese factor has been enhanced to the highest of level. This was a tough episode to sit through, but Michael Eisner kicks us off with Hollywood that never was. We go into the level of celebrity for this special and why they picked certain celebrities to be on the show. Some of the were safe bets and others were connected to the WDW company. Props, montages, and random celebrities are all over the place on this one.


The Muppets at Walt Disney World Special

The next and final special How discusses, is the Muppet’s Special. Right after MGM Studios opened, the Muppet’s were signed on to join. This special aired in May of 1990 and the reason was to introduce the Muppet’s to the Disney family. Kermit is headed to a swamp which is located behind WDW and this also introduces Bean Bunny. All the characters are in this special; including a visit to EPCOT Center!

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Next Month

– Join us next month when we take you back to Flight to the Moon and Mission to Mars! We also have a very special film to release from the attraction!

*Event Alert: Plan on joining us for Epcot35 in early October…More details to follow soon!

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