Podcast Episode 61.5: Radio Loops Part 2

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Welcome back to another mini-episode, filled with Radio Loops. We had a number of these sent in from fans, listeners and others who were thinking there might be a podcast someday that wants to share these. To start, we go way back to 1995 and this loop has an amazingly catchy theme song at the beginning of the broadcast. Quality is AM and if you are playing this in your car, this will give you all the feels of a car from the past.

This loop includes ticket tips, cleaning up with Jiminy Cricket, AAA tips, and even current room rates. With this being a mini-episode, we run about 25 minutes and wrap up with the ‘exit loop’, which gives directions, thanks you for coming and so much more. The range seems to be an issue, as this one is not super clear and seems to almost cut out – but it’s super cool to hear this once again.  We hope you enjoy this mini-episode of radio loops and can’t wait for you to listen to our next full episode that will be coming soon. 

2020: The Year of Film

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