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Welcome to Episode 53 of the RetroWDW Podcast: “Cute Stories With Rolly” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows!

Listener Mail

The mail bag is full and we love that! Every month, you can possibly get on the show, so be sure to write us at podcast@retrowdw.com.

  1. Jason Burley wrote in about the EPCOT Center Book we reference often. Jason wants a Magic Kingdom book… Which we recommend a few, including “Walt Disney World: 20 Magical Years”.
  2. Matthew Driftmier wrote us about some various rocket names in the parks. The X-1 & X-2; these are all classic names within the theme parks and How gives us some history on these various names.
  3. Joe Barlow is up next – telling us a great story about how they would trick people at River Country to shorten the line…. Clever story Joe!
  4. Kyle wrote in about the Asian & Persian; simply asking why these themes haven’t been used since the idea was abandoned in the 70s.
  5. Our next letter is from Matthew and he is curious about the higher end items in World Showcase. We are unsure if this is true, but we are asking our listeners for any input on this. Do you have any of the high end, expensive one off items from World Showcase?
  6. We spotted some great photos and also had some shared with us, from a recent Spaceship Earth breakdown. The stuff we saw in Episode 33.35 is way different compared to what people saw a couple weeks ago. We explain what we were able to see and compare to the latest photos that came out. Neat stuff!

Questions, Comments & Concerns

We love feedback and hearing your memories!

Drop us a line at podcast@retrowdw.com or call us and leave a voice mail at 978-71-RETRO. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Audio Rewind

Our audio rewind this month turned out to The Haunted Mansion- Thank you for all the guesses and emails.

We have a winner! Congratulations Marty Darling!  – you won a Vacation Kingdom Poster and a copy of the film “Walt’s Frozen Head”.

If you think you know the answer to this month’s audio rewind, email us! contest@retrowdw.com – This month, the winner will be getting some vintage ticket stubs courtesy of Joe Barlow and also some great ephemera – All entries due 12/5/2019 and a random winner will be selected.

RetroMagic Recap

We take a few minutes to discuss our latest event, RetroMagic. This was our biggest undertaking for the site, podcast and society. Needless to say, we are still catching up on sleep and also our sanity after everything wrapped up. Join us for a our recap, thank yous and just our overall take on what went on throughout this amazing weekend.

Main Topic

Back in May 2019, we traveled to California to have a chat with Disney Legend Rolly Crump. For this episode, we are releasing the audio from our interview with Rolly. You get to hear all the various questions and responses from this time and this is the sections we played during RetroMagic. Rolly is quite colorful and has a bit of language, so be cautious with who you play this around. The majority of our conversations with him focus on Walt Disney World, which are super interesting and relate to the park he is not asked about too often.
We hope you enjoy this section of RetroMagic, as this is the direct audio cut from the event.  Enjoy!

RetroMagic Gift Set

If you attended RetroMagic, you were given a set of three Christmas Ornaments. The Journey into Imagination ride vehicle, The RetroMagic Logo/Float and The Mouse – Walt’s original plane. 

We have extras and we are giving them away with any donation of $50. To donate to the Lake Buena Vista Historical Society, please visit www.RetroMagic.org – there are many different donation options and gifts. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy this unique gift set for the upcoming holiday season.

2020: The Year of Film

We have quite a year coming up and we want you to be a part of it, every step of the way. The ‘How Bowers Archive’ has been digitized, we have tons of restored film movies and so much more, just waiting to get posted. To make sure you are the first to know when items are released, subscribe to us on YouTube. Be sure to click the notification bell too, that way you are alerted when we post.  Finally, be sure to check out Vimeo if that is your thing, as we will post there as well.

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Next Month

  • Join us next time for Episode 54, which we have not fully planned out, but we probably will end up with a holiday theme.  Thanks for joining us!
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