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Welcome to Episode 43 of the RetroWDW Podcast: “MGM-Studios Game Shows” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Listener Mail

  1. AT&T Giant Speaker PhoneDoug Skinner wrote in to us regarding the giant phone inside Communicore. We did a little research on this, which leads to a live call on the air.  Have a magical day!
  2. Our next letter from KJ was about the 1984 Olympics, which were shown live on the screens in Earth Station. We get into a little discussion on how the ’84 Olympics were huge, and how the Olympics back then were way different compared to now.
  3. Joe wrote in with an absolutely amazing story about some spilled soup, shared pants and a free meal at The Coral Reef restaurant. You seriously have to hear this story, which is one of the best we have ever gotten. 
  4. We next heard from Eric about the Eastern Airlines desk outside of If You Had Wings, which was a travel kiosk where you could make reservations and even extend your trip. We are still searching for the airplane phone though….
  5. Andy was curious about the Birnbaum’s travel guides, which we refer to often. We dig into the history of Birnbaum and also share with you what we use often.
  6. We heard from Johnny regarding the Tomorrowland Train Station, which we get into why it isn’t a thing…How tells us a little history on this forgotten spot.

Thank you for all the emails, tweets and comments you have sent our way. We try to respond to almost everything and do our best to pick unique questions for the show. 

Questions, Comments & Concerns

We love feedback and hearing your memories!

Drop us a line at podcast@retrowdw.com or call us and leave a voice mail at 978-71-RETRO. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Audio Rewind

Space MountainOur audio rewind this month turned out to be the Space Mountain Tunnel! The winner is Jenny Buchannan, winning a copy of The World of Motion brochure. Great job and thanks for playing along to everybody!

If you think you know the answer to this month’s audio rewind, email us! contest@retrowdw.com – This month the winner will receive the Micky & Goofy visiting the Universe of Energy comic book.
All entries due 10/15/2018 and a random winner will be selected. Even if you don’t win, you will gain an entry into the Second 2018 Prize Pot!

Prize Pot

Prize Pot #2 has begun! Each month, we add a vintage or classic item to the pot. The winner will be announced in December and they get it all. Follow along as we add items and remember, each entry/guess of the audio rewind gets you an entry for the prize pot. Thanks for playing along!

2018 Prize Pot #2 Contents

  • WDW Resort Pocket Sewing Kit (See It)
  • The Official Album of WDW/Disneyland on vinyl, sealed! 
  • 2018 D23 Gold Member Kit – Featuring Mickey’s Birthday

Main Topic

Disney-MGM Studios Gameshows

This month is somewhat unique, as we take you back to the studios and give you a taste of the old, working studio. How takes the lead and the main topic relates to how game shows used to be filmed on site, you could visit the sets and even play with a live studio audience! As a group, we join How with a game show styled game where we answer trivia questions and discuss this historyEarful Tower.

The game shows filmed here are legendary, somewhat unique and also random in some cases. We hear about everything from Burt Reynolds to DOS games and how some of the shows were simplified for park guests. We go into quite a bit and you get to hear all about the gaming history of the studios in their heyday. 

Lake & Lagoon Tour: Discovery Edition

Join us this November for the second round of our Lake & Lagoon Tour. We have some major upgrades in store and are excited to invite you. Please join us for a tour around the original WDW property lakes and a look at the “Vacation Kingdom of the World”.  For more information, please look here.


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Next Month

  • Join us next time as we have another great topic coming your way, including two great interviews with some really interesting people.
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