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Welcome to Episode 40.5 of the RetroWDW Podcast: “WDW Radio Loops Part I” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Main Topic

WDW Radio Stations

A few episodes back we discussed the WDW Radio loop that played on the interstate highway system in Florida as you approached Walt Disney World. Wayne from Alabama sent us a copy of the 22 minute loop that he recorded while pulled over on the side of the road back in 1994. Many of our listeners wrote in asking “If you have a loop of the WDW Radio station, why didn’t you let us hear it?”  We received additional emails as well with links and downloads to more sources of WDW radio loops! Thanks to our listeners we now have ’94, ’95, ’96 and ’97! We’ll share those as well in the future.

On you drive this summer take a list as you go back to 1994 along with the welcome and exit AM radio from 1980!

The script/details:

Wayne from Alabama told about in 1994-1995 when he pulled out his alpine head unit out of his dashboard and hooked the RCA connectors to a cassette recorder, plugged it in and recorded.  This is the Florida information station that was running in the Ocala area around Route 75.  Steve Tanner sent in some information and additional radio loops from Darren Cohen.  Have some am stuff. 

1994- 107.9 Disney Radio

Disney radio weather.  Rooms available tonight at the Disney Yacht Club Resort, The Disney Beach Club Resort, and The Wilderness Lodge.  For reservations stop by the Disney Reservation Center at I 75, Exit 68 Hospitality Avenue.  Regardless of the weather you’ll want to experience the shopping, dining and boating and fountains of fun at the Disney Village Marketplace.  Parking & admission is free.  Wednesday through Sunday nights from 5-9pm enjoy a nightly celebration of face painters, jugglers, stilt walkers puppet shows and much more. 

Jingle-  Getting excited, vacations begun, ready for Mickey, time for some fun.  It’s going to be great, I bet you can’t wait.  I’m going to Disney World. I’m going to Disney World. Sing this tune like the birds, say the magic words.  I’m going to Disney World.

You’re listening to Disney Radio, Florida’s in car welcoming station.  Advertised Florida’s beautiful beaches, spectacular sunshine and the WDW resort.  Exciting new Disney attractions like Legend of The Lion King in the Magic Kingdom, at EPCOT Innoventions & Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and at the Disney MGM Studios, the incredible new Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  Also talked about how much more fun you’ll have if you stay in a WDW hotel right next to the Disney theme parks, fabulous Disney Water Parks, 5 Disney golf courses, lakes, beaches, and horseback riding.  Magical rooms right at WDW start at only $69/night up to 2 adults and 2 children per room.  You’re getting very close to WDW, why you can almost hear the creams from the Tower of Terror.  Fasten your seatbelts, in Florida it’s the law.

D-I-S-N-E-Y. Disney Radio. And this is your old pal Mickey Mouse.  Here in my dressing room at Mickey’s Starland. Oh Boy are we ever having fun. I’m taking pictures with all my pals who came to visit me.  So, if you’re looking for me Mickey’s Starland is where I’ll be.  Chuckle…kind of rhymes.  Oh, I must have another shot.  So long for now, CHEESE!

Hi, This is Lorraine with Disney ticket tips. To see the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and the Disney MGM Studios buy 4 and 5 day park hopping passes.  These tickets save you money and let you hop from park to park anytime you want.  For example, you can start in the Magic Kingdom, then hop over to EPCOT for an exotic dinner at EPCOTs world famous light and laser show Illuminations.  With Disney’s 5 day World Hopper ticket you get 5 full days at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and the Disney MGM Studios plus a great bonus free unlimited admission for seven straight days to Disney’s Pleasure Island, the new Blizzard Beach water park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, River Country, and Discovery Island, Disney’s wildlife conservation park.  Folks if you want to hop from park to park just like Tigger, hop on down to the official Disney Triple A Travel Center in Ocala.  Anyone can walk in and purchase Disney’s money saving 4 day and 5 day passes.  Plus you can reserve a room at a Walt Disney World resort hotel tonight.  And call ahead for dinner reservations at any of the 300 restaurants at WDW.  It’s fast and right on your way. So stop at the Disney Triple A Travel Center Open to the public from 8:30-7 daily.  Take 1-75 Exit 68

It’s time for a Triple A break.  Triple A membership is your ticket to special savings and exclusive offers at Walt Disney World.  Triple A members save on accommodations at select Disney Resort Hotels. Simply by making reservations in advance at the beautiful Triple A travel center on 1-75 Exit 68.  And remember if you’re not a Triple A member stop by the Triple A desk.  It only takes a few minutes to join.

Jingle-    I’m going to Disney World. I’m going to Disney World. See movie stars, and fly way past Mars.  I’m going to Disney World. I’m going to Disney World.

The Disney MGM Studios is the newest of the 3 major WDW theme parks.  The most popular movie & TV studios in the world.  Disney MGM now features the ultimate thrill ride, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  Picture if you will and abandoned hotel…GOING UP….Inside you embark on a journey that defies the very laws of nature.  A journey that pulls you down faster than the force of gravity…GOING DOWN…You have entered another dimension, called the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  New, only at the Disney MGM Studios.

There are plenty more thrills at the Disney MGM Studios because this is where your favorite Disney animated classics come to life.  The stars you loved in the Disney movies are here, let’s see if you can guess who they are?  Mermaid song.  You’re absolutely right!  It’s Ariel,  the little mermaid.  You can see Ariel live, under the sea every day in a fabulous show with all The Little Mermaid characters.  Now, who’s this American Legend? Colors of the Wind playing….Yes, Pocahontas is here.  Starring in an exciting on stage spectacular that recreates one of the most dramatic stories ever told.  You’ll hear the songs from Disney’s animated feature, live on stage. Colors of the Wind playing…. You’ll see this stirring piece of Americana come to life on stage.  Experience all the voices, all the colors, all the spirit of Pocahontas.  A glorious new attraction only at the Disney MGM Studios. Colors of the Wind playing…..

Disney Radio.

We’re talking about the Disney MGM Studios.  The most popular movie & TV studios in the world.  Home of a real Disney animation studio, where you can see animators working on the next Disney classic.  The Disney MGM Studios is also home of the sensational Indiana Jones Stunt Show.  This is the home of Star Tours, the ultimate Star Wars thrill ride. How did Luke Skywalker feel riding through the Death Star at light speed?  Come ride Star Tours at the Disney MGM Studios, this is where the action is.

Howdy Folks, Jiminy Cricket here with a reminder about litter.  Now all of us at WDW try real hard to keep the outdoors looking nice and clean for everybody to enjoy. SO please, don’t throw things on the ground.  Put them in a trash can, then you’ll be doing your part to help keep Florida clean, THANKS!

Disney Radio.

Hi, This is Lorraine Here’s a ticket tip that can help you enjoy all of WDW Stop at the official Disney Triple A Travel Center in Ocala and ask for Disney’s 4 day park hopper of the 5 day World hopper Both of these Disney tickets let you hop from park to park.  With these popular passes you can enjoy either 4 or 5 full days at the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and the Disney MGM Studios.  You can even visit more than 1 park on the same day.   Plus the 5 day World Hopper ticket you seven straight days to Disney’s Pleasure Island, the new Blizzard Beach water park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park, River Country, and Discovery Island.  The Disney Triple A Travel Center is open to everyone from 8:30-7 daily.  Take 1-75 to Exit 68 and buy your tickets in advance.

Time for another Triple A brake.  Triple A members save extra money when purchasing 5 day World hopper passes.  Member who buy these Disney tickets can take advantage of preferred parking lots near the front entrances of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT95 and Disney’s MGM Studios.  For tickets and information, stop at Disney’s Triple A travel center on 1-75 Exit 68.  Visitors may also watch a video to help plan your WDW visit. 

Jingle-    I’m going to Disney World. I’m going to Disney World.

From the Disney MGM Studios we now take you over to the Magic Kingdom.  Home of Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Cinderella Castle, and the new Mickey Mania Parade.  Mickey says, “Oh Boy are we ever having fun”. ROAR, That’s not Mickey, That’s Simbaa, the Lion King.  He’s here live in our newest MK attraction, a dramatic stage show called Legend of The Lion King.  Legend of The Lion King features all of your favorite Lion King characters on stage live.  Simbaa, Nala, Mustafa, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, and that loveable warthog  Pumba.  HAKUNA MATATA.  See the Lion King come to life before your very eyes.  Legend of The Lion King live only in the MK  at WDW. 

From SImbaa’s savannah, we now climb the 3 mountains of MK for high adventure thrills.  Splash Mountain, the highest steepest flume ride in world.  “I was coming to the end of the drop and I saw how steep it was and I was just screaming.  Space Mountain, the world’s only roller coaster through outer space.  “It goes so fast, that I think y’all must fly out of your seat” “You’re in the dark, you’re going round and round, up and down, looking at the stars, we almost went and hit the ceiling I’m sure, one time”.  Big Thunder Mountain, the runaway train ride of your life. “And you had all these twists and turns on this runaway train.  And these rocks look like they were going to fall, It was incredible.”  Ride the mountains of the MK, it’s the peak of excitement.

We rocket you now to an exciting new land in the MK.  The new Tomorrowland, the future that never was is finally here.  Futuring all new attractions like the AstroOrbitor, where you rocket into space high above the MK.  You’ll travel through time in the incredible new transportarium.  And enjoy a sensational new stage spectacular, Captain Cosmic.  You’ll enjoy new restaurants and delightful new shops like the Merchant of Venus.  INTERFERENCE- Do not change the channel, I have taken over this radio station.  When you enter the new Alien Encounter attraction in Tomorrowland, I will take over your space ship.  I will creep very, very close to you, terrifyingly close.  INTERFERENCE

Testing 1,2,3.  Testing.  Am I back?  I am?  Wow, did that really happen?  Folks, I don’t know about you, but suddenly, there’s something pulling me to go experience the new  extraterrial alien encounter attraction in the new Tomorrowland.  It’s here and there’s nothing on earth you can do about it. 

This is Disney Radio.

You’re listening to Disney Radio.  The station that helps you make the most of your visit to Florida.  Now we fly like Peter Pan from Disney’s MK over to EPCOT and incredible day of exciting discoveries and new adventures.  You’re coming at just the right time too, because this is the year of Innoventions, an incredible World’s Fair of new ideas.  Where you can try 1000 amazing new inventions that will change your life forever.  At Innoventions you can fly on virtual reality.  You can play 100’s of free Sega games.  Hear the ultimate sound room.  See computerized people, a car that never needs gas.  Innoventions an exciting start to your day of EPCOT adventures.  One of the most exciting adventures is a new attractionat Kodak’s Journey Into Imagination that somehow shrinks the audience.  Little voice- I hope you can still hear me, It’s Honey, I shrunk the audience, and you won’t believe your size.  Fortunately, you end up normal size at the end of this amazing new 3D spectacular.

So you can enjoy all the other EPCOT adventures.  Here you’ll travel to the ocean floor in the largest salt water aquarium in the world.  Journey back to the days of dinosaurs and ride through a human body.  You’ll travel around the world visiting 11 exotic countries.  Imagine, one moment you’re sampling the pasteries of Paris, the next moment you’re inside the Temple of Heaven in Beijing China.

Disney Radio

Hi Folks, Jiminy Cricket here with an important safety reminder.  This Florida sun gets hot.  So make sure you protect yourself from getting sunburned by wearing a hat or a shirt or sunscreen lotion.  Be careful, like me.  After all, whoever heard of a red cricket? 

Jingle-    I’m going to Disney World. I’m going to Disney World.  If you’re perplexed about what you’re gonna do next, I’m going to Disney World. I’m going to Disney World.

Yodel- ski Disney.  Aspen, Park City, Sapporo,  Shaminy, the great ski resorts of the world.  And now add to that list, Blizzard Beach, a new ski resort at WDW.  But you won’t need ski boots because Blizzard Beach is a spectacular new Disney water park.  With snowpacked mountains of downhill water slide fun for the whole family.  Blizzard Beach, home of summit plummet, the highest steepest, fastest water slide on earth.  It’s like going over Niagra Falls in a barrel, without the barrel.  Blizzard Beach, home of tikes peak and teen boat springs, where you plunge down family taboggan runs.  Switchback slalom courses, and whiplash bobsled tracks.  Hit the slopes at Blizzard Beach, the new water park on the snowpacked slopes of WDW.  SkiDIsney.  Remember when you purchase Disney’s 5 day World hopper pass you get free admission to Blizzard Beach.

WDW is even more fun when you stay in a themed WDW resort.  Rooms start from 69 /night and Disney resorts offer so much to do.  5 championship golf courses, tennis, swimming, sailing, and horseback riding.  Other benefits include free Disney transportation, early entry to Disney theme parks, and a special money saving Disney pass that’s good at all Disney parks for as long as you stay.  The easiest way to make reservations at a WDW resort hotel is to stop at the Official Triple A Travel Center in Ocala.  You can even make dinner reservations at a Disney restaurant tonight.  It’s fast and right on your way.  The Disney Triple A Travel Center is open to everyone from 8:30-7 daily.  Take I75 to Exit 68. 

This is Disney Radio.

Here is a special announcement for I 75 travelers.  As you travel I75 today, please be especially careful when driving through road construction near Gainesville, Ocala, and Lake City.  Speed limit through these stretched of highway is 55.  I75 is being widened from 4 lanes to 6 lanes for your future driving convenience.  Please slow down and drive with caution.  Thank you!

Once you’ve reached WDW and are driving up World Drive around 1980-1981, then you heard this.  On behalf of the entire WDW cast, welcome.  In just a few moments you’ll be approaching the auto plaza, where you will receive an information guide to assist you with your ticket selection.  Since it takes 2 days to see all of the lands of the MK, we’d like to recommend our special value 2 day unlimited passport.  This ticket admits you to the magic kingdom for 2 full days, and offers unlimited use of all your favorite attractions except shooting gallery.  That includes our newest attraction, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland.  You’ll have an opportunity to catch the runaway mine train on Big thunder Mountain as many times as you choose and thrill to the chills of raging waterfalls, gushing geysers, a rumbling earthquake and avalanche.  It’s a mountain of uncontrolled madness you’ll want to experience time and again.  The 2 day passport also offers unlimited use of the WDW transportation system including round trip transportation to the WDW Village at Lake Buena Vista. 

On the ride home, you heard this.  Welcome Back to WDW Radio, On behalf of the entire cast, we’d like to thank you for visiting us today, and we hope you enjoyed your stay.  We’d like to remind you to drive carefully as you are exiting.   And wherever your destination we hope you’ll remember Florida’s safety slogan, “Arrive Alive”. If you’re going towards Tampa, stay in the left hand lane taking US 192 East.  Ride the rapids on a raft  or take a paddle boat or mini speed boat and explore the lagoon.  Around the bend is the Empress Lily riverboat restaurant, where you can dine and listen to Dixieland music aboard an authentic Mississippi style showboat, or the seclusion of the village lounge provides an up close and personal atmosphere to view the top names in live jazz entertainment.  You’ll soon find your WDW vacation isn’t complete without a visit to the village.  The village is open from 10am to 10pm daily.  It’s located just off Interstate 4 at the Lake Buena Vista 535 exit.  Turn North on 535 to preview boulevard then left for less than a mile.  If you’re a camping buff, you couldn’t have chosen a better time to visit.  You can have a great time hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, and enjoying countless other recreation adventures.  What’s more, when you’re staying a Fort Wilderness, you don’t have to break camp to go exploring.  Our transportation system provides campground guests with complementary service to all major points in WDW.  Fort Wilderness campsites are beautifully secluded amid 650 acres of woods and winding streams. If you are into campong then there is no better place to visit then Fort Wilderness, and since campsites are available tonight, there’s definitely no better time.

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