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Welcome to Episode 36 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: “Polynesian Dreams – Part I” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Corrections & Listener Mail

Japan Concept ArtBrian mentioned a song last month, from the holiday special. We found out the correct song title and reveal we were about 85% correct regarding 1970s theater. Big thanks for all the messages regarding how odd this special was; we are relieved that we aren’t the only ones disturbed by this special.

How uncovered some information regarding the Japan pavilion, thanks to Ted Linhart. How discusses a “Meet The World” attraction and how it was uncovered in a long, lost diagram.

Listener Mail

  1. Brian wrote us to ask about The Future Corps. The history, length of time they were in the parks, etc. We refresh your memory with a little bit of their music and Brian gives us the back story on how and where they played. Brian also asked about the Wave Machine, and how he would love to see a video.  We are still searching….but have some leads. Todd does mention one of our Holy Grails we recently released
  2. Gary was up next and asked all about EPCOT Magazine. He felt he was on the show at one point, so we inform him all about this daily digest style show from The Disney Channel. This show ran from 1983 – 1986 and was hosted by Michael Young. Brian gives all the details on this gone, but not forgotten shows. We restored a 16mm film that shows some of the filming, behind the scenes. Check the 3:00 minute mark in this video.

Thank you for all the emails, tweets and comments you have sent our way. We try to respond to almost everything and do our best to pick unique questions for the show. 

For questions, comments and concerns, please write us – podcast@retrowdw.com.

Audio Rewind

Wave Machine Wave Surfer (from Eyes and Ears)Our audio rewind this month turned out to be Buzzy, from Cranium Command! The winner is Lauren , winning the Christmas Favorites Album, courtesy of Brian. Great job and thanks for the entries.

If you think you know the answer to this month’s audio rewind puzzler, email us! podcast@retrowdw.com – This month the winner will get a copy of Eyes & Ears from 1975!

All entries due 2/4/2018 and a random winner will be selected. Even if you don’t win, you will gain an entry into the NEW PRIZE POT!

Prize Pot

We are back with a new Prize Pot for 2018! Once again, we will be putting together tons of gifts & random items for our January – June 2018 Prize Pot. Every guess for our audio rewind each month gets you an entry for the Prize Pot. For the best odds of winning, be sure to take a guess every month, even if you do not know. Best of luck and here is what we have so far:

2018 Prize Pot #1

  • EPCOT Poster Set
  • RetroWDW Logo Embroidered Hat
  • McFarkle Family Christmas Card created by our fan, Reese

Main Topic

Polynesian Village Resort ConstructionPolynesian Dreams Part I

We are officially in the hands of How Bowers for the next two months, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Polynesian episode has been teased, discussed and in the works ever since Episode 1. How has researched, re-researched and compiled so much information, we couldn’t cram it all into just one episode. So for part I, we discuss the original concepts and ideas involved with the Polynesian.

How gives us some of the crazy and some of the real ideas that actually came to be. The Polynesian, being a themed resort, was not normal back in this era. Design is discussed, including the idea of grass shacks in Florida and how these were constructed. The infamous Chest of Drawers is brought back to the forefront, but the Polynesian does things a bit differently with US Steel. How also goes into capacities and details planned in the late 60s, which is crazy to think all of this was planned in that era. You really need to listen to this one twice to take in all the details. Check back next month for more info, mascots, food/drink and the changes over the years. We also have some special guests lined up….

Polynesian Village Gallery

Links Mentioned:

Film Restoration

Ford Photo Shoot and Eastern Winds

We have a real gem for you this month! A silent, 8mm was put into our collection with some really rare and unusual things, including a holy grail! The film starts off with some sort of behind the scenes footage of a 1974 Ford Station Wagon photo shoot. You see the various models lined up with Disney characters inside and around the cars, while the photographer does his thing. This was showcased in some various magazine print ads in the 1970s

The next section of this restored film is some various Magic Kingdom shots. Most importantly though, we see the famous and probably never before seen on film, The Eastern Winds. The boat rolls by the Magic Kingdom docking area and is in full, beautiful color. You really need to check this one out.

This also would be a great time to go back, and watch another one of our restored films from 1973, all about the Polynesian Resort. Enjoy!

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Next Month

  • Join us next month as we continue this two part series, all about the Polynesian Resort. How has even more for Part II, so be sure to follow along for the next episode!
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