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Welcome to Episode 31 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: “Mission To Mars” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Corrections & Listener Mail

First off, we discuss Meredith Wilson appearing in some of the movies we viewed last month and also make some additional connections. 

Brian corrects his statements regarding Ray Bradbury in our last episode, which a number of listeners wrote in and let us know about.

Adventures in Master Planning #2In our 20k episode, we discussed an alternate narration. @PlasticSeaweed let us know the original narration just came to light; it is on YouTube now, and was surprisingly recording by a blind park guest.

Mike Frank wrote us, loves the podcast, and wants Mr. Bowers to release “Tales of the Styrofoam Head“. All of the various audio recordings How has done over the years is sitting in the archives, which could be released in the near future. For now, check out Kingdom of Memories for some already released audio.

For questions, comments and concerns, please write us – podcast@retrowdw.com.

Audio Rewind

Our audio rewind this month turned out to be Magic Journeys!

The winner is Mark Brent, winning the GAF Magic Kingdom guide full of great information. 

If you think you know the answer to this month’s audio rewind puzzler, email us! podcast@retrowdw.com – This month the winner will get a stack of vintage Disney postcards from the 1970s and 1980s. 

All entries due 7/24/2017 and a random winner will be selected. Even if you don’t win, you will gain an entry into the Fall/Winter Prize Pot, being picked in December.

Prize Pot

This year, we are going to do a new and exciting prize giveaway. The RetroWDW Podcast will have two prize pots this year; one summer, one winter.

We have moved onto Prize Pot #2! All prizes added to the pot will be given to one lucky winner this December.  Here is what we have so far:

  • Life Magazine – 1971 (Courtesy of David)
Prize Pot Item #1

All entries for the audio rewind go to winning the next prize pot.  Email us to enter: podcast@retrowdw.com

Main Topic

Mission To Mars

Mission to Mars Theater
Mission To Mars

We have quite the episode lined up for you this month, and it posts in conjunction with an amazingly rare film we acquired as well. You are in for a real treat as we discuss Flight to the Moon & Mission to Mars. How takes us through the entire history and also lets us know he absolutely hated this ride… Looking back, we hear about the unique things that are actually happening throughout both rides.

The origins of the show in Disneyland are discussed, which was titled Rocket to the Moon. TWA originally sponsored this, opening in 1955. The whole moon thing kind of lost excitement in Flight to the Moon, but before that, it did come to The Magic Kingdom. Mission to Mars came next, in 1975 and ran until 1981. We go into the various sponsorships of this attraction, all the way up to 1993. The first hand ride experiences given during this episode are absolutely amazing.

The Film

Watch the upper scanner film.

RetroWDW Merchandise

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Next Month

  • Join us next month when we take you to Journey Into Imagination at EPCOT Center. This is a highly requested topic and we know you are going to really enjoy it!
  • *Event Alert: Plan on joining us for Epcot35 in early October…More details to follow soon!
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August 6, 2017 9:29 pm

Man, I really enjoy your podcasts. So well researched and debated. I grew up in Los Angeles and have gone to Disneyland regularly since about 1970 when my older brother got his driver’s license(I would have been 10). I was on Flight to the Moon and Mission to Mars many times and it was fun to hear you describe the “ride” and the cheesy hydraulic seats. I have a question (with a long intro): In 1967 Tomorrowland was rebuilt, but they did not change the “take-off” film that was projected onto the floor. My brother recognized that we were supposed… Read more »

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