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Welcome to Episode 24 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: “The Golf Resort”. We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Comments & Corrections

To start this episode, we discuss some emails regarding the Carousel of Progress. Animatronics, the father figure and lots of detail from the whole group.

Listener Mail

Chad wrote us mentioning he purchased some shirts from us. We also get into Chad’s question about the Gold Key Vacations, which Todd has first hand knowledge of. We also got some tweets this month, discussing World Key and which attractions might have scared us. For questions, comments and concerns, please write us – podcast@retrodisneyworld.com

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As you may have heard, our year end prize this year will include a different prize from every month. So far, we have an Orange Bird Yo-Yo from January, a brochure from The World of Motion given away in February, the March prize is a Golf Resort Mickey head logo golf bag tag, an Epcot Center salt and pepper shaker set, a Disney Glass Candy Dish, Tomorrowland Handbook, 1984 Disney News Magazine, The Walt Disney World Explorer CD Rom, expired Discovery Island Tickets, a Frontierland Viewmaster Slide, the WDW Tencenial Coing, a WDW Pocket Protector, and new this month……..the RetroWDW Pin Collection! The pot will continue to grow each month with new and exciting prizes! To win the prize pot in December, just answer any audio rewind question each month for one entry.

Main Topic

Mickey Mouse Golf Cart
Mickey Mouse Golf Cart

For this month, we talk Golf. The Golf Resort is one of those early attractions that most people have never heard of. We take you back to the origins of golfing at WDW. Big thanks to George Taylor, Foxxy, and Passport to Dreams; we used some of their expertise to guide this podcast.  Brian starts us off by explaining how this resort came to be and from there we head into the Trophy Room for some eats and also delve into room sizes. This little known location, which is gone but not forgotten now, is truly going take you back. We all learned lots during this episode and we hope you do too, enjoy!

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Next Month

Check back with us very soon for Episode 25 where we take you to the 25th Anniversary Celebration! Brian is super pumped to tell you all about this entire experience, in honor of our 25th episode.

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Michelle B.
Michelle B.
August 12, 2019 12:57 pm

Thanks for the memories. We stayed at the Golf Resort December 1976 for the 4th Annual Walter Hagen National Championship that my dad and his friends played in. (They came in next to last). I was 10 years old, but didn’t think the pool was all that cool. Just rectangular. We walked to the Poly and I fell in love with their pool with the waterfall and the slide.

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