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Welcome to Episode 24.5 of the Retro Disney World Podcast: “Destination: Retro” – We appreciate your support and hope you have been enjoying each and every episode. Be sure to check out some of our previous shows.

Main Topic

Todd, Brian and JT are back to give you a recap of the Destination: D Trip and some other highlights. We discuss the D23 event, some interesting findings brought to our attention and also talk about the Lake & Lagoon Tour.

The RetroWDW Lake and Lagoon Tour

The tours were a great success!

We had seven boats go out over two days and they were filled to the max. The different sights and locations were all discussed in detail and on this episode, we give you a little recap of the different stops.

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us, we plan to release some audio versions of the tours very soon. This way you can take your own journey on Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Dinner with Tom Nabbe and David Coolidge

We had two very special guests of honor at dinner and afterwards Tom told us monorail stories as we rode the resort beam in search of the elusive missing beams!


A big RetroWDW Hello to Reese and Riley! We were special guests on Episode #8 of the ReeseRileyReview! – Be sure to follow the girls (@ReRiReview) and listen and watch their shows as they review Disney Resorts and more!

RetroWDW Merchandise

Fantasy Pins are here! We have a great set of custom pins for sale now. Be sure to get your pins (retrowdw.com/pins)  and add them to your collection as these are limited time and won’t be around forever. 

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Some of Our Latest Designs

Listener Memories

Keep the calls coming, sharing your memories and giving us feedback. If you would like to call and leave us a message, please dial 978-71-RETRO.

Tweet at us, send us a Facebook post or message, tag us on Instagram or send us your thoughts.

We hope you have enjoyed this episode! If you have any questions, suggestions or find errors please email us podcast@retrowdw.com.

Next Month

Check back with us very soon for Episode 25 where we take you to the 25th Anniversary Celebration! Brian is super pumped to tell you all about this entire experience, in honor of our 25th episode.

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